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Event/course Code EY/21/053
Event/course type Early Years Curriculum
Event Description Specific for DSL and Deputy DSL fro PVI Early Years and Childcare Settings or School. f you are from a school please limit to a max of 5 places

Safeguarding Children, young people and vulnerable adults is everybody’s responsibility. This raising awareness of Exploitation & Vulnerability course aims to raise your awareness of:

• Vulnerability
• Adverse childhood experiences
• Organised Crime Groups/Gangs
• Modern Day Slavery
• Consent for sexual activity
• Child Sexual Exploitation
• Criminal Exploitation
• Appropriate Language and use of
• National Referral Mechanism
• GDPR/Disclosure
• Pathways/ Diversionary/sharing of intelligence

Cost: Free for DSL's and DDSL's
Delivered by West Mercia Police
Training Objectives Objectives:
• Highlight personal and situational factors of vulnerability, thereby raising the awareness of Adverse Childhood Experiences and ways to address them

• Definitions covering vulnerability, consent, criminal & sexual exploitation, modern day slavery, OCG’s and gangs

• Develop an understanding of indicators that may show within various forms of exploitation/modern day slavery, with push and pull factors

• Understand the National Referral Mechanism, knowing whether their agency is a first responder and if not how to raise concerns to ensure the vulnerable are protected

• Identify the key considerations necessary when receiving a disclosure and the impact of trauma on any disclosure

• Understand the individual’s professional accountability and responsibility for sharing under GDPR thereby recognising the importance of documentation and record keeping in the effective protection of those identified as vulnerable, ensuring non victim blaming language is used and relevant and appropriate intelligence/information is shared

• Understand the processes to get the right help at the right time for the identified vulnerable person(s), being fully aware of agencies/services that people can be signposted too within the local borough, pathways inclusive of the PCC’s diversionary portfolio.

Cost: Free for DSL's and DDSL's
Delivered by West Mercia Police
Learning Outcomes On completion of this training you will be able to:
• Identify the vulnerability factors & Adverse Childhood experiences

• Explain what the various forms of modern-day slavery are

• Recognise the signs, symptoms and indicators of the various forms of exploitation

• Understand exploitation and vulnerability and how it impacts on a young person in respect of trauma

• Know how to Respond, Record and Report concerns, pathways and how to signpost to relevant agencies

Cost: Free for DSL's and DDSL's
Delivered by West Mercia Police
Tutors Rachael Oakley
Subjects Safeguarding
Key Stages
Early Years / Foundation No KS1 No KS2 No KS3 No KS4 No KS5 No 11-19 No 
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Session 1Tuesday 18 May 202113:00 - 14:30Virtual Delivery

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