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Event/course type Course / Early Years Curriculum
Event Description Audience – Teaching Assistants in Early Years

Focus: - ensuring we have a bank of play strategies to support all children in their play in your role as a play partner and beyond!

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Isn’t play a lovely four-letter word, and a very important one when you are a young child. It sounds easy, but to get it right, it can be quite a challenge. We need to be able to understand our role in supporting children’s play in our everyday provision and moving it forward according to their skills and knowledge and their approach to learning at that time. We don’t want children to ‘just play’ do we?
Adults play an important role in child-initiated play. They provide a safe environment for the child to explore and test out their ideas – and everyone needs to know and understand the great importance of a play-based approach to learning in order for the children to learn.

Cost - £30 + VAT per delegate
Trainer - Gill Deakin
Training Objectives It is important for the adult to understand the needs of the child in order to provide meaningful opportunities for child-initiated play. This can be achieved through observations and playing alongside the child and building a positive relationship with the child, in order to learn about their likes and dislikes, and of course, what they can and can’t do….yet!
During this course on play (we really need 3 weeks not 3 hours), we will look at how adults can interact with children in their play and not interfere, how they can effectively play alongside and not take over, and how they should go with the children’s ideas and not expect the children to take on board the ideas of the adult all the time!! 190 days in school is a long time to keep children motivated and stimulated to play, often with limited resources and to be able to encourage progress in skills and knowledge through their play.
“Play is our brains favourite way of leaning” Diane Ackerman
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Tutors Gill Deakin
Subjects Early Years / Learning and Teaching
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Early Years / Foundation No KS1 Yes KS2 Yes KS3 Yes KS4 Yes KS5 Yes 11-19 Yes 
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Session 1Monday 6 December 202113:00 - 16:00Worcestershire Wildlife Trust (Worcester)Map
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