I'm ready for big school - are you ready for me?

Event/course Code SCH/21/559
Event/course type Course / Early Years Curriculum
Event Description Audience – Nursery, pre-school, and Reception

Focus: - Ensuring that everyone involved in the transition process is prepared and confident in knowing what makes an effective and successful transition for our young children,

Course information
Young children are expected to go through many major transitions before the age of 5 that will inevitably have an effect on their lives in many ways. We must do everything we can to help these transitions to be as smooth and meaningful as we can. As we know each child is unique and therefore transitions for children from one setting or class to another will not necessarily look the same. Each child comes with a slightly different story attached to them with chapters that need careful consideration.

Time needs to be put aside before each transition period to ensure that when the moment comes, as the child strides towards the next step, that everything is ready for them.

This course is predominantly aimed at both Reception teachers and pre-school/Nursery staff as they are in the pivotal point of these transitions, transferring children from pre-school settings and also sending another group onto Year 1. However, Year 1 colleagues are also essential to be part of the discussions, messages and sharing of ideas.

For the last two years, we have experienced transitions for children in a very different way due to Covid restrictions and we have learnt many new and valuable lessons around different and effective ways we can approach transitions for children, families and schools.

Cost - £30 + VAT per delegate
Trainer - Gill Deakin
Training Objectives We will look at
• what makes an effective transition for our young children, and children in Year 1
• ways to inform and support families, gain information from them about their child, and help them feel confident about their child starting school
• how to gather essential information about children who have a joint placement and be able to put in place adequate provision to meet their needs
• communication methods to inform families of what is ahead
• being School Ready and understanding what this means for schools, parents and children
• are you sure you are ready/prepared for each child’s needs from day one?
• developing a transition timeline
• helping children adjust to change and share some practical ideas of how we can support children to be ready for ‘big school’
Learning Outcomes
Tutors Gill Deakin
Subjects Early Years / Learning and Teaching
Key Stages
Early Years / Foundation No KS1 Yes KS2 Yes KS3 Yes KS4 Yes KS5 Yes 11-19 Yes 
Event/course administrator Workforce Support (WorkforceSupport@Worcschildrenfirst.org.uk)
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SessionSession DateSession TimeSession VenueMap
Session 1Thursday 26 May 202209:00 - 12:00Worcestershire Wildlife Trust (Worcester)Map
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