INTENT (Smoking prevention programme)

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Event Description INTENT is a smoking prevention programme delivered as 2x hour long lessons each year for 4 years, from Y7 to Y10 which reduces smoking initiation by engaging adolescents with anti-smoking messages. They then create Personal Plans (or “Implementation Intentions”) about how to refuse an offer of cigarettes. More information can be found here

Schools wishing to access this programme are required to ensure that:
1. all staff delivering the lessons attend a 1 hour training session
2. they feedback annually on the numbers of pupils who receive the sessions and
3. deliver the programme as per the training to ensure that the outcomes in schools are the same as the research trial.
Please note the above are requirements of the INTENT license

Audience: Teachers in middle and secondary schools (Y7 to Y10) who will be delivering the INTENT programme and lessons to pupils.

Cost: Free to attend

Delivery: Virtual, via MS Teams, with joining instructions issued with your CPD confirmation

Trainers will be either Clare Charlton or Lisa Bradbury
Training Objectives Rationale:
INTENT works by raising students’ motivation or intentions to not smoke, then getting them to form concrete plans for what to say/do when confronted with a cigarette offer. For example, “If Callum offers me a cig on the way home, then I’ll say ‘no, I’m ok thanks. It messes with my asthma’”. Or, “no thank you. Smoking is a mug’s game.” The combination of raising motivation/intentions to not smoke and creating implementation intentions to not smoke may be a particularly powerful combination for students who don’t have a good reason to avoid to smoking (e.g. it will interfere with sport) and those who have low intentions or low self-efficacy not to smoke – all of which are high risk factors for smoking.

INTENT is for 11-to-15-year-olds. It is comprised of 8 lessons; 2 sessions per year for 4 years to sustain messages and allow Personal Plans to be created as students move through school. A crucial step is that students will write down their implementation intention, and over time we would expect them to be bespoke to the individual student, even if some younger students might start of by choosing from some suggested examples. It can be fully implemented by teachers in classroom time in any school, thus giving it wide potential reach. It is also affordable, simple and easy to deliver with the 2 annual student sessions lasting an hour each.

INTENT fits within the PSHE curriculum.
Learning Outcomes Benefits:
INTENT has been tested in 3 studies over 15 years. Most recently, it was evaluated in a cluster Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT) which tracked more than 6000 students over a 4-year period. The trial found that INTENT reduced smoking initiation by 6.5% in 15-16-year-olds, 4 years after the start of delivering the intervention. 25.6% of the students that received INTENT were less likely to report having ever smoked than those that did not participate in the programme. Importantly, INTENT was found to be equally effective across all demographic groups, e.g. low socioeconomic status or ethnic minority groups.

While INTENT does not target vaping behaviour specifically, the results from the trial also indicated that students that received INTENT were less likely to progress from vaping to smoking cigarettes than those that did not.

Additional benefits:

• Training and teaching materials are free for the 4 years of the licence (Jan 2022 to December 2025).
• Quality Assurance built-in.
• Targets 4 consecutive school year groups.
• Only 2x hour-long sessions per year
• High quality interactive whiteboard materials for teachers and students
• Minimal training required for teachers
• Simple to deliver to students
Tutors Rachael Oakley
Subjects Health & Safety / Health & Wellbeing / Healthy Schools / PSHE
Key Stages
Early Years / Foundation Yes KS1 Yes KS2 Yes KS3 No KS4 No KS5 Yes 11-19 Yes 
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